If you’ve reached this letter, chances are good you want to change something about how your company operates, and you know you need a little help to make it happen. Maybe you’re looking to transform the performance of your organization or activate your team.

However you found us (since we don’t advertise, you’ll have been referred here by an existing client, or maybe you heard us speaking about our work at a conference or event), you’re here because volatility is the new global rule, and you need a hack.

That’s us. We’re a consulting company that uses a range of techniques from behavioral economics, organizational design, and storytelling to help companies shift the decisions and actions of their employees, board members, investors, and other key stakeholders.

So what does that actually look like?

It looks like small, incremental steps toward larger, lasting change. But we know that habits don’t really change; they’re merely replaced. That's why Frontier Academy creates and deploys all the training workshops necessary to develop leaders, activate talent, and uplift employee performance.

Sometimes, you need to leave your desk to think differently, so our custom-crafted immersions help you understand emerging trends, threats, and opportunities—adjacent and tangential—to your business. Moderated strategy and ideation sessions for leadership teams, complete with our own suite of board games, also get you thinking differently. (And by the way, you can host those sessions at our studio if it’s helpful.)

Our work often involves a stakeholder investigation to uncover the positions and motives of employees, customers, board members and business partners. If you need to uncover insights and inspiring ideas, let’s host a salon with your critical stakeholders.

There is immense value to the visual and spoken word, which is why we create multimedia content to captivate and influence our clients’ audiences. Podcasts, photography, videos, and animation amplify your message and inspire audiences to action. (Want a new corporate headshot? That’s an option, too.)

Every change, large or small, is really just an ongoing story of transformation, so we publish magazines, books, annual reports, employee guides, and content libraries that collect and distribute the best narratives of your organization, and extend the surface area of your ideas and encourage continuous learning.

We deliver this work in full partnership with our clients. We’ll never hand you a 100-page report and say good luck. We’re not a management consultancy, or a PR firm, or an ad agency. But if you want to change the path of your company, we’re your secret weapon.

Perhaps 5% of corporate leaders “get” what our team does.  If you’re one of them, drop us a note. A couple of us will hop on a plane to meet you for a conversation around our favorite topic: where you’d like to take your future.

Until then,

The Frontier Project Team


PS: If you’re interested in learning more of what we’re working on, visit Frontier Dispatches.

PPS: Still curious? Check out our Questions page.