Our team
Our Story
he Frontier Project was founded in 2007 on the eve of the Great Recession. Those early days were difficult—we developed a scrappy mindset and learned a lot about resilience, which has served us well over the years. Once the economy started picking back up, we exploded into growth mode, making the Inc 5000 four years in a row and wracking up other accolades—Outside Magazine’s Best Places to Work, the Virginia Chamber’s Fantastic 50, NAWBO’s Entrepreneur of the Year, and many more.

It was great! Except for one thing. Despite our many happy clients and successful projects, we still had difficulty articulating who we were. We had built an intriguing and mysterious brand, but the heart of our company was, well, still a mystery. For a very long time, we struggled to define it.

Today we finally know who we are, what we are truly great at, and who we can help thrive.
What We’re Great At
People-based change is where we shine (and where we will help you shine). We take your employees and teams from Point A to Point B. We help them navigate changing waters and come out the other side committed, resilient, and capable of taking on future challenges.  
What We Love Doing
We want to do work that makes an impact, solves a real problem, and enables people to step into their true potential. We are not box-checkers or order-takers. The work we do inside large organizations and in our community has a ripple effect. We’re changing people’s lives, and in doing this, we believe we really can change the world.
Who We Work With
We’ve named our ideal clients “values-based change agents.” These are leaders who can see a clear vision of the future, know how much goodness exists in their people, and know they must never rest on their laurels or risk falling behind. Values-based change agents have a realistic idea of what it takes to successfully implement a change initiative and develop the people inside their organization. They also know they will benefit from having a partner at the table who can carry the majority of the workload, supply them with a continuous stream of creative ideas and brilliantly executed deliverables, and provide coaching and feedback along the way. We’re looking for partners—clients with whom we can work alongside, build deep and meaningful relationships, and share in one another’s success.

There you have it. Our stake in the ground. We’re so excited to finally explain the heart of our company to the world.
Our Name
What's in a name? A lot.
Picture the vast open space of the unknown—the undiscovered land that holds so many promises and so much potential. This is where we venture with our clients. We help them harness their vision of the future and create cultures where they can get the absolute best from their people and drive their businesses forward. Nobody knows what the future holds, but we all know we need to continue to evolve if we want to stay relevant, productive, profitable, and reach our ultimate goals. You are on a quest, and our team is here to guide you through the unknown.
This business is a purposeful experiment, a consultancy attempting to do what most consultancies choose not to do. We believe each and every one of our clients is unique, with their own special set of circumstances, culture, employees, strategic objectives and constraints. We refuse to establish “The Frontier Way” like so many of our competitors—because we don’t believe any two problems can be solved the same way. Instead, we vow to apply our best, most creative thinking to each and every client partnership. How is our experiment going? So far, so good.