The Frontier Project is a portfolio that partners with companies that know they must change how they do business—and recognize they can’t do it on their own.

Every major or minor transformation in a company—whether a significant uplift in your corporate story, an overhaul in leadership competencies, or an integration of two organizations—faces the same challenge: to accomplish organizational or market change, you have to affect individual behavior. And that’s what we do. We drive individual behavior change so organizations can achieve measurable, lasting progress toward their goals. Using techniques from behavioral economics, organizational design, and storytelling, we help companies shift the decisions and actions of their employees, board members, investors, and other key stakeholders.

Our job: to help change agents know where to start, and then work side-by-side with them to accomplish whatever transformation their business needs.


We’re big believers in integrating diverse talents, so our entire portfolio of professionals is practiced in the art and science of organizational transformation. Each member of our team brings an alternative perspective and specific expertise to the bench to enhance your organization’s experience on its journey toward change.


Frontier Consulting

Volatility is the new global rule, and you need a hack. With today’s rapidly changing environment, you must be prepared to pivot quickly and effectively, and you need a partner to do it. Consider our team of consultants an extension of your team, boldly leading your organization to transformation and growth. We work with clients to influence executive and employee behaviors in a way that disrupts and enlivens your markets and services. Through strategy and innovation support, organizational influence, and communications support, we equip you with the knowledge you need to dominate.


Frontier Academy

Frontier Academy offers tailored training and development workshops that challenge executives, managers, and employees to explore fresh ways of thinking, leading, and working. Using newly acquired tools and skills, participants come away capable of immediate, real-world application. Our philosophy is anchored in two truths: people want to do good work, and organizational growth and transformation is driven one courageous human being at a time. That’s why our curriculum is designed to deliver the latest intelligence from the marketplace, and our facilitators use unexpected formats and provocative exercises to do what all good teachers do: create a space for growth. Our informed and inspired alumni are helping their teams think differently and get more done throughout work environments everywhere, from chemistry labs and design studios to manufacturing sites and Fortune 500 office towers. What results is meaningful, measureable change.


Frontier Press

Blockbuster films, timeless literature, memorable journalism, and the funniest jokes— they’re all powered by the same fuel: masterful stories. That same narrative power is central to the most dynamic teams and the most innovative companies, all of whom have uncovered a single secret: all effective communication is simply good storytelling. Frontier Press brings the best practices of the publishing world into corporate environments. We help companies use the power of storytelling to inspire employees, connect with business partners, and reach customers. Through our precise use of narrative intelligence, we build content that shapes perspectives and influences behaviors. Who says publishing is dead? Not us.


Frontier Live

No more boring keynotes. That’s our credo in the work we do for Frontier Live, which uses energizing speakers, engaging stories, and enduring lessons to take audiences on a journey, shifting perspectives and mindsets to get them thinking about how to transform ideas into action. In the last two years, we’ve delivered more than 80 keynotes to audiences across North America, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia. We’ve spoken for South by Southwest, the Association of Corporate Travel Executives, a number of banking and CPA associations, the Society of Human Resource Management, Frankfurt Book Fair, and our consultants have moderated summits on behalf of supreme court justices and central bank presidents.


Frontier Media

Embedded in our firm is a rapid media unit we refer to as Frontier Media, which uses the power of multimedia content to captivate and inspire audiences. People learn in many different ways, and with audio and video you can reach them in the medium that best suits their needs—and busy lives. We are firm believers in the value of visual and spoken word, so we create the videos, animations, podcasts, and photography that engage critical audiences with our clients’ key messages.


Frontier Spaces

How do you tap into brilliant ideas? You leave your space. Being in the same spot every day leads to habitual thinking, ultimately stifling the creativity your organization needs to flourish. To combat this phenomenon, leave your space and come use ours. Our shop gives you the space to think differently, illuminating the ideas that will grow your business. We’ve got everything you need to energize your team, spark bold conversations, and shake up your strategy. Our studio’s vibrant atmosphere is unlike any you’ll find in Richmond. Once used by East Coast Freight Lines for loading docks and truck repair, the 1940s warehouse retains much of its original character, including exposed brick walls, soaring ceilings, working garage doors, and industrial cement floors, while offering every modern-day amenity a workspace could possibly need.