Experience Coordinator
What does the
Experience Coordinator
Here's the Scene

Frontier is looking for someone who absolutely loves to host the perfect event! Someone who can plug in to our wider team on an hourly basis, sometimes on nights and weekends, to ensure our clients’ events run as smoothly as possible.

What We Need
To excel in this position you:
  • are passionate about aesthetics and are always looking for ways to craft the perfect environment for events
  • geek out over hospitality and love being the host(ess) with the most(ess)
  • are constantly thinking of new ways to surprise and delight clients, and have a knack for anticipating what they need before they need it
  • have an obsessive eye for detail (you catch the little things, like a crooked picture frame or stray pillows that need fluffing)
  • have the ability to think beyond the ordinary in order to dream up unique ways a space can be used for events
  • enjoy going above and beyond to provide an extraordinary experience that takes ordinary events to the next level
  • do your best work when you’re thinking on your feet, not in front of a computer
  • can run with basic, and sometimes vague, directions and still deliver flawless execution
  • don’t get flustered when things change and can quickly problem solve on the fly
  • don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty

The Job
Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • being a friendly, welcoming face and making our clients feel at home in our space
  • executing events, from start to finish, held at The Frontier Project (setting up and arranging spaces, running errands associated with event prep, overseeing the event, and cleaning up afterwards)
  • being super attentive to clients and guests and assisting with anything they may need
  • managing inventory needed to run successful events
  • working directly with Frontier leads and clients to ensure that events go smoothly and clients are ecstatic
  • maintaining a flexible schedule with the ability to work nights and weekends
  • proving to be extremely reliable – this is a solo role, so there is no one to back up or cover shifts if you can’t make it
Your Qualifications
Come armed with:
  • a “can do!” attitude
  • hospitality and/or event production experience
  • an eye for set-up, design, flow, and ambiance of a physical space
  • the ability to move furniture, boxes, and other heavy items (the ability to lift, roughly, up to 40 lbs.)
What You Get
The part you've been waiting for:
  • $16-$20/hour
  • a flexible, fun, laid-back, work environment
  • a team of collaborative colleagues, who’ll support and encourage you, as well as help grow your experience and mindset
  • ability to work directly with a wide variety of clients; exposure to some of the most interesting, impactful companies and individuals behind them
If you are interested in this position, please send a resume and cover letter to Kelsey Thayer at
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