Leaders of tomorrow, today.
Your business must constantly adapt to stay relevant.
We believe the way you develop your leaders should, too.
Unlike so many training companies, The Frontier Project doesn’t subscribe to a singular methodology. Nor do we presume to know all the answers. The world is too complex, and every business is too unique.

Instead, we make it our mission to solve problems creatively and help leaders do so, too. We hire facilitators who have the ability to draw out insights and thread them together for a high-impact learning experience. We work tirelessly to stay on top of industry trends, and we distill the latest research across disciplines into practical tools that participants apply real-time to their business issues. We make a point to focus on the whole person because the whole person goes to work.

The result? An increase in mental fortitude and emotional agility needed for the next level.
Custom Leadership Programs
You have a chance to push your talent to new heights. We help you set the bar higher with unconventional experiences that challenge participants assumptions, shift their mindsets, and position them for what’s next.
Tailored Workshops and Learning Tracks
Your biggest pain points and grandest aspirations are typically interrelated. We work closely with your leaders to combine topics, adjust activities, and create learning tracks that meet team-specific needs and help you overcome what’s holding you back.
On-Demand Learning
To really drive application and cement learning, your team needs to engage with a topic in a variety of formats. That’s why we create podcasts, learning guides, and other media to support maximum learning transfer. We’ve also been known to stand up a book club or two.
Open Enrollment Workshops
For your growth-minded individuals, new managers, and leaders facing new challenges, our open enrollment series offers skill-specific development throughout the year.
Women’s Leadership Series
Designed for the bold, open-minded, curious women in your organization, the Women's Leadership Series is a life-changing experience that pushes participants to grow both personally and professionally, taking their leadership effectiveness to a whole new level.
Tailored Workshops and Learning Tracks
Building a Business Case

Building Your Network

Consulting Skills

Customer Service

Dynamic Leadership

Effective Communication

Emotional Intelligence

Executive Presence + Storytelling
Improvisation for Innovation

Improvisation for Interpersonal Dynamics

Influencing Stakeholders

Innovation Mindset

Insight Selling

Intergenerational Management

Leading Change

Leveraging Diversity
Managing Your Day

Motivating Employees

Navigating Change


New Manager Fundamentals

Self Leadership

Strategic Agility

Strategic Insights
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