A Reintroduction

Every day I feel lucky to work with the talented team we have here at The Frontier Project. I’m surrounded by a group that can’t wait to start our next book club pick, share a podcast, or dig into new research. We are all passionate learners who crave the next insight that will support a client or propel our own personal growth.

These words are true of our entire team, but they are the epitome of Lauren DeLuca. Lauren not only soaks up new information, she also engages with it. She filters everything through a skeptic’s lens, weighs the merits of the argument, challenges the underlying assumptions, and develops her own take on it by the time she’s done. It’s made her incredibly well-suited to challenge leaders to think differently through our content and our consulting, and no individual has pushed me more over the course of my career or been a better partner in solving unique problems. If she’s at the table, I know we will reach a better solution than if she wasn’t.

So today I am excited to announce Lauren DeLuca has assumed the role of Chief Content Officer of The Frontier Project.

As we continue to evolve as a company, I wanted someone to have a singular focus on our product, pushing the quality and strategic approach of our work and helping our team do the same.

If we ask ourselves, “Is the work we’re doing today better than what we did six months ago?” I want someone to guarantee that we always answer “Yes.”  Lauren is the perfect person for that role.

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