A word on COVID-19

For the health of ourselves as well as others we love and come in contact with, we have decided to shut down the Marshall Street studio and asked everyone to work from home.

We are incredibly lucky—and eternally grateful—to work in the place that allows us the flexibility to cope with an enormous disruption like this more easily than most. We all work on laptops and have cell phones. We can telework and stay connected through the various digital means we have at our disposal.

So when you call our office or shoot us an email, we will answer.

We will not, however, go as far as to say it’s “business as usual.” Working from home takes on a whole other flavor when schools and daycares are closed, too. When spouses’ and roommates’ companies are also doing the responsible thing by closing. When appointments and social outings we’ve planned for months are cancelled. So please forgive us if our normal response time is slightly delayed.

In the meantime, we are here. We are working. And we’ll see you again when that curve flattens out and we can get back to business as usual.

Take care of yourselves and each other.

The Frontier Project Team

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