Frontier Portrait: Liz Grissom

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Liz Grissom


Lead Consultant

In a sentence (or two), describe your role at Frontier.

As a Lead Consultant, I connect people (and challenge them!) with research and storytelling strategies that inspire team breakthroughs to help companies transform. My not-so-secret weapons are producing videos. I love compelling storyboards, creating dynamic content, and building learning strategies that make an impact.

How would people communicate in a perfect world?

We would pause more. We would ask challenging, thought-provoking questions, and discuss with respectful debate, anchoring on curiosity and the pursuit of wisdom rather than winning. There would be technology available for a seamless experience for anyone with unique communication or translation needs. Also, we would laugh A LOT.

What unique talents do you have that you don’t get to show off at work?

I like to create little cartoons. I don't do it regularly, but every now and then I get my sketchbook out. It would be amazing to write a graphic novel. #goals.

Where is your happy place?

New Zealand. I lived there for six months after college. Not long enough. Kia ora!

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would you dine with and why?

Dinner #1: C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, and Dorothy Sayers. They talk, I listen. I really appreciate thinkers and writers who share perspectives on faith, literature, and humanity.
Dinner #2: Tina Fey. I want to hear more about her writing and directing processes.

What is your most treasured possession(s) and why?

1. The Bible. It has everything: poetry, wisdom, real talk about human nature, and assurance of grace.
2. A backpack. For all the great hikes in all the wonderful places around the world.

Describe an ideal day in Richmond.

First, my kids sleep in. I drink a little early-morning coffee while I read and pray. Then I meet up with some of my runner friends, and we run trails around the James River. We hang out and have coffee afterwards. I would pick up some things at the grocery store, head home, and hang out with my family in my sweatpants all day. Then we have friends over for dinner and drinks while the kids play in the background. If I still have energy after Lincoln and Hyatt go to bed, I read a really great book or watch an arthouse film.

Book smart or street smart?

Book smart.

What is your philosophy towards your work?

I believe everyone has natural-born abilities that are special and unique to them. So when I think about my career, I tend to focus on strengths. I've always loved writing and content strategy, and I've always loved working with interesting people and using creativity to solve problems. I'd boil my philosophy down into "Do good doing work you're good at. And get exposure to new ways of doing business. Be curious and open-minded."

What brought you to Frontier?

It struck me that The Frontier Project does very relational work with clients that are really creative and sophisticated. That's what I was looking for.

What motivates you to show up and do your best work?

Giving our clients the content and experiences that will change their perspectives and make their lives better. I also love seeing a finished product I'm proud of go out the door!

What's a favorite project you’ve worked on and why?

We worked on an experiential strategy for a special week-long initiative for a global company. Our approach was extremely creative and engaging, with mixed media, keynote speakers, unexpected events, and multiple ways to reach every single employee, from podcasts to contests and community art projects.

What’s the fuel that keeps you going?

Faith, poetry, being a mom, coffee, and green smoothies.

Early or late to meetings?


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