Things Are Always Changing...

It is with both great excitement and sadness that I write this blog post—as this is my announcement that I have decided to move on from The Frontier Project, the company I love so much. After almost 12 fantastic years, I’m going to take the opportunity to catch up on all the things small business owners often don’t have time for—picking my kids up from school, spending the day reading an entire book, taking a vacation untethered to my technology, planting a garden, and taking the dog on long meandering walks.

I will forever be grateful for the amazing experience, knowledge, and relationships this business has afforded me. One of the things I am most proud of is creating a work environment that allows employees to be their very best. A place where they can feel safe, seen, and valued. I worked many places before I joined Frontier, and I learned the hard way what it feels like to not feel safe, seen, and valued. I had the crazy idea that if I could create a place that treats people like adults and leads from a place of love instead of fear, it might be possible to actually enjoy going to the office. I am so grateful for the recognition we’ve received over the years as being one of the best places to work—it not only feels great, but it validates that I achieved what I set out to do.

To the team of amazing individuals I’ve been able to lead over the years, thank you for giving it your all. We’ve been through a lot together—most of it awesome, but some of it really, really hard. I think the hard times were made easier by the knowledge that the rest of the team was there to support us through it. As for the good times, well, the number of times a client meeting or a candidate interview was interrupted due to raucous laughter or spontaneous dance parties lets me know we frequently tapped into the joy that working with amazing people can bring.

To our clients, thank you for being there to support us over the years and through so many changes to the business. It means so much that you believed in our team to create the most sophisticated yet simple and refreshingly creative solutions to your business issues. It is so gratifying to know we’ve made an impact on your organizations, and we couldn’t have done it without your belief and trust.

I have grown so much as a person, a teammate, and a leader over the past 12 years. It’s been quite a wild ride! I have always said I have the best job in the world—and I have truly meant that. And now it’s time for someone else to step in and take on this “world’s best job.” I can only hope my successor finds it to be as fulfilling as I have.  

And with that, please join me in welcoming Grant Millsaps as the new CEO of The Frontier Project. Over the past five years, he has proven to be invaluable to our clients, an inspirational leader to our team, and an excellent business partner. Under his leadership, I’m confident this business will thrive, our clients can expect the same amazing work from our team, and the company will continue to evolve into a better version of itself. Selfishly, it’s amazing to see Grant step into this role—and though he’s worked incredibly hard at his own personal and professional growth over the years, I’m going to shamelessly take a teeny bit of credit for his development and his readiness to take on this big responsibility.

We are, again, ushering in a new era at Frontier, and I wholeheartedly believe it’s exactly what this business needs.

Thank you to all our amazing clients, supporters, friends and team members. This company wouldn’t be what it is without you. And for now, I sign off with all my love and best wishes for an amazing future.


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