The New Frontier

Welcome to the first post of our newly rebooted blog.

If you’ve visited this page before, you might notice things look a little different from the last time you stopped by. That’s because over the past few months we’ve been working diligently to redesign our web presence to better reflect our work and that includes our blog.

We hope you’ll learn alongside us, gain fresh insights about workplace culture, and get to know our team a little bit more. We hope you’re inspired to think (and work) differently. And we hope you know we’re always interested to hear your thoughts and talk more.

So, thanks for reading! While we’ll still be sharing ways that we’re pushing the boundaries of potential at work, we’re going to do it differently. Here’s what we mean.

Fresh Perspectives

Our consultants regularly uncover insights in their day-to-day work. They want to share these wonderful, quick nuggets of wisdom, so you and your teams can apply what we’re learning too.

Cult Classics

Some of our past posts drew a particularly great response. You can expect these oldies-but-goodies to make a comeback. Along with these retro favorites we’ll share a few notes on why we love the post, and why it’s still relevant today.

Frontier Portraits

Expect short, quirky interviews that help you get to know our newest team members as well as our Frontier Project veterans. Why? We want you to feel connected to the people who love this work and make this place special.

Culture Making

Experience a little bit of the unique culture of The Frontier Project. We’re always pushing the boundaries of our own potential at work, and we learn a lot in the process. This is a journalistic take on those ventures.

Be sure to check back regularly for thoughtfully curated and digestible content or sign up for one of our newsletters. We can’t wait for you to join the conversation.

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