Are you a PR firm or Ad Agency?

No, we’re not. On the outside we can sometimes look like those industries—we have the full roster of media production, publishing, and journalist network in-house. Our passionate belief: if you have a great product or service, you don’t need to “advertise” or “spin;” you need to communicate, educate, and influence. If we’re in a situation where we believe you need to spend heavily on advertising, we’ll probably advise you to have us work on improving the attributes of your product and service in a way that will help people choose to engage with and talk about. While we’re not an ad agency or PR firm, we’ll be helpful to you in generating concepts and direction to those advisers (and might even be helpful in reducing the amount of dollars you spend with those firms).


Who are your competitors?

We don’t have any direct competitors that match us capability for capability. But we suppose you could combine an ad agency, PR firm, management consultancy, and media production company to replicate most of our services.

Where do you work?

We operate on projects around the globe. We have offices and/or employees in Washington, D.C., New York City, Nashville, Dallas, and Los Angeles, as well as at our home base in Richmond, VA.

Why are you in Richmond?

Being in Richmond gives us two advantages: getting outside the “bubbles” of the Northeast and West Coast, and a cost structure that allows us to invest in a space that our employees and clients can flourish in.

Who are your clients?

We’re typically not allowed to name our clients or our work on specific projects for them. But we count some of the leading consumer goods, hotels, airlines, insurance, defense, pharmaceutical, and food companies among our clients as well as government agencies and large non-governmental organizations.

How do you know if a client is a great fit?

We don’t. So we’ll always start with a small project or a retainer with easy exit terms. A light commitment allows us to see how the work might take shape. Our goal is to help our clients in ways that provide value for their employees and organization. Sometimes, that’s a multi-year partnership, and sometimes we dive in for rapid support and then get out of their way. Most of our long-term clients become friends and partners. We hope that will be the case with you.