At the intersection of your strategy and your people
We work with executives and teams to think beyond the typical playbook and create the interactions, experiences, and moments of insight that enable your organization to change.
Strategic initiatives, restructures, product launches, and process overhauls. Some go well, but more often than not...they don’t. It’s not for lack of careful planning. It’s that we don't realize how much effort it takes to change and we try to go it alone.

As people, our brains naturally resist the uncertainty and risk that come with any change, and that resistance gets hardwired into the way we work, too. As a result, leaders get stuck trying to help their people process and transition into their new reality, without the time or experience to do it well.

That’s why we position ourselves right at the intersection of your strategy and your people - at the most critical touch points between the two. Our approach is specific to you and your unique challenges, but we always create moments that spark curiosity, openness, and a desire to truly change.

Below are just a few ways we help teams make good on their strategic bets.
Strategy Sessions
Throughout the year you bring your leaders together to talk about your strategy in what tends to be a very expensive meeting of the minds. We help you get the most out of your efforts by serving as a thought partner, provocateur, and facilitator in the room, driving the discussion so you consider the people-related aspects of your strategy and what it will take to get it done.
Breakthroughs don’t happen at your desk. Your routine setting keeps your brain locked in the status quo, adverse to change. That’s why we take teams to new places to spark ideas, generate insights, and reimagine what’s possible—with a firm grasp of your culture and business objectives in mind.
No more boring keynotes
Energizing speakers with engaging stories and enduring lessons can be just what your team needs to shift their perspectives and get them thinking about how to transform ideas into action.

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Strategic Initiative Support
With any change or new initiative, your employees must reorient themselves, shift their mindsets, and embrace a new narrative. When you want to get your people moving against clear objectives, we create experiences that prompt self-reflection and a desire to work differently.
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