Alex Flamini

With a degree in visual design from one of the best programs in the United States, a passion for journalism, a minor in sustainability, and training in war correspondence, Alex Flamini helps Frontier clients make sense of chaos by telling lasting stories through word and image.

Alex’s design style buttresses Frontier’s creative team with fresh perspective and fearless experimentation. While her office rests on the Eastern seaboard, her heart resides in the desert, and if she’s not dreaming up striking new visual assets for your company, she’s dreaming of cacti, 80-degree midnight bike rides, Spring Training baseball games and wide open Western skies.

As for her creative process and where she seeks inspiration, Alex would direct you to "How to Think Like a Great Graphic Designer" by Debbie Millman, someone she admires greatly for her brilliant mind in branding and strategy and as a fellow member of the LGBT community.