Brigid Prior

She’ll quote you more than one of her favorite passages from Middlemarch, teach you the latest in financial reporting technology, ideate the perfect mother’s room at your workplace—all while cleverly hash-tagging a new post before it races the web. You can call Brigid our Frontier jane-of-all-trades—and a master of each.

Curious by nature, an autodidact by disposition, and a problem-solver by compulsion, Brigid’s ingrained in the public and private work of running the Frontier engine. Blending skills in communication and finance, she daily mixes rhetoric and arithmetic to make our shop more efficient. And somehow still manages to make multiplicity look effortless.

On weekends, find her hiking Virginia’s hills, drawn back to her hometown Baltimore, or immersed in her library of favorite blogs—with son Thaddeus and husband Ford along for every ride.