Clay Cutchins

This veteran of the Marines knows how to tell a good story. Ask Clay about his formative years as a writer, and he’ll point to all the love letters he wrote to his future wife during his service. (Yes, she still has the letters.)

In the midst of the Great Recession, Clay rebuilt Caterpillar’s marketing and communication strategy across Michigan, bringing a fresh, modern approach to the traditional heavy machinery space. A move to the East Coast granted him a new professional challenge: helping hospital systems to align their culture with patient needs. Clay studied the journey of breast cancer patients, embedded in opioid units, identified systemic issues, and partnered with healthcare executives to help make their brand relevant to the communities they serve.

Today, as a Lead Consultant, Clay still embarks on fact-finding missions to shed light on better ways of doing business. When he isn’t crafting a great story or studying current events, he’s practicing soccer in the backyard with his two kids (go Manchester City), chipping away at his screenplay, and eying the next item on his bucket list: backpacking the path of the Allies march in World War II from Normandy to the Elbe River.