Grant Millsaps

Spend any time with Grant and you'll quickly pick up on his superpower: asking the perfect question.

He's built a lifetime fueling that curiosity and generating insights. Years shaping customer experience for the globe’s most iconic technology company. Advanced studies in sociology and religion. A steady stream of podcasts over long bike rides. Grant's always in discovery mode, and it's always in service to a larger purpose. With a keen eye for potential and strong sense of belief, Grant pushes past what we think we know and helps others achieve what they didn't think possible, both at work and in life. The bonus? As a Lead Consultant, it's his day job.

You can also tell a lot about Grant by what he carries: notes of gratitude from clients, cards from his wife Anna, our latest book club book, his passport, and a good supply of Tylenol and NyQuil (because, you know, life).