Hannah Walden

Many of us enjoy traveling. Hannah has made travel a focus of her life in recent years, taking a break from the corporate world to embark on a year-long global journey that included stops in Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Not simply a vacation, the trip was an opportunity for Hannah to volunteer in different communities, teaching English and working in an animal rescue facility. Hannah credits this unique experience with making her more compassionate, less fearful, and more curious, all traits she brings to her work at The Frontier Project.

A graduate of the University of Richmond, Hannah began her career in a Fortune 500 Telecom company 6-month leadership development program and spent three years with the company during which time she earned the “Summit Award” which recognizes the top 10% of performers across the entire company. She’s also picked up some skills working in the nonprofit sector and in real estate operation and marketing, giving her a diverse skill set.

Hannah keeps up with the latest L&D trends (and many others) thanks to her voracious reading and podcast consumption. She has a range of interests and is always up for a new adventure, a flexible, open-minded approach she also applies to her professional life.