Jamie Glomb

Waterfall scouting in Croatia. Train-hopping in Italy. Kayaking in the Chesapeake Bay. It’s rare that Jamie finds herself at home in her free time, and that’s how she likes it. With a relaxed, sophisticated confidence, she’s constantly on the go—craving new adventures, new relationships, and new opportunities at every turn.

Which is why she’s been charged with taking Frontier Live to the next level. Jamie’s on a mission to help our speakers share their messages about large-scale, meaningful change with audiences around the world.

If you happen to spot her coordinating one of our speaking engagements, be sure to say hello; she’ll crack her shining smile and start up a conversation. But fair warning—she doesn’t sit still for long. In no time flat, she’ll be back at the dog park with her chocolate lab, Jackson, downing a bowl of Chinese food (the hotter the better), or hitting up her usual 6 p.m. hot yoga class.