Jess Hardin

“Get your head out of the boat.” Sailing coaches say this to their teams to remind them not to get so focused on their immediate surroundings that they lose sight of the race happening around them.

Jess uses this same big-picture thinking to create wins for our clients and partners. If you work with us, Jess is one of the first people you’ll interact with. She manages the details—big and small—asks questions, anticipates potential obstacles, and nails down the particulars to ensure that every project and client relationship gets off to a running start.

She also plays an essential role in our internal operations. In addition to being the oil that keeps The Frontier Project engine humming along, she provides guidance that has helped our company scale and remain healthy.

Where else does her love of sailing overlap with her work at The Frontier Project? Well, like sailing, at TFP conditions are constantly changing and success means being adaptable and willing to learn—something we can always count on Jess to do no matter what we throw her way.