Leigh Koptish

You know that game-changing person in your life who had a huge impact on your career? That’s Leigh.  

Leigh brings over a decade of experience in talent management, learning strategy, and leadership development into her work as a Lead Consultant. Fortune 500 business leaders recognize her ability to spot talent and create opportunity. They look to her to identify hidden potential on their teams and design programs that help their organizations succeed.

Leigh knows you need a vision for the future and operational practicality to get it all done, so she builds tailored, sustainable solutions that businesses can scale over time.

Leigh loves to cook and is in constant pursuit of new ways to sneak vegetables into her kids’ meals. She recharges with a barre class after work or an afternoon spent at a vineyard with friends and family. Leigh is someone you call when you are ready to get real—she’s willing to challenge your thinking and help you be at your best.