Matt Newman

Matt Newman has always lived at the intersection of creativity and commerce. And he knows that a little conflict between the two is a good thing.

Matt is a cofounder of Richmond’s Coalition Theater, a hub for live comedy, classes, and workshops. As the Executive Director, Matt harnessed the natural tension between business and art to make a vibrant creative product and a profitable company—one that had an impact far beyond the stage, like training police officers in improv to help them defuse tense situations.

Now, as a consultant at The Frontier Project, Matt’s approach continues his long-running quest to link art and commerce. The secret isn’t choosing one value over another—instead, he focuses on how the friction between creative design and business reality can actually make both stronger.

Most weekends, you can still catch Matt performing live comedy, or serving as the “sidekick” on the live late-night talk show RVA Tonight. But no matter if it’s a sold-out show or intimate executive boardroom, Matt’s on a mission: keep the lights on and the laughs coming.