Tati Pena

Here at The Frontier Project, it’s tough to imagine a world without Tati. When she’s not curating bossa nova playlists or taking meticulous care of our studio plants, she’s working gracefully behind the scenes to make sure our day-to-day operations run smoothly.

Spend ten minutes chatting with Tati, and you’re likely to pick up on her sharp social consciousness and compassionate heart. And if you want to see her light up, ask her about her family, who she credits with her strongest personal value: justice.

Prior to joining Frontier as our Studio Manager, Tati split her time between the hospitality industry and academics—worlds that fed her appetite for connection and lifelong learning.

In college, Tati studied Early Modern English and discovered a passion for 16th and 17th century literature. We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention that she’s a paleographer (an expert in ancient handwriting and deciphering historical manuscripts). She wears her nerd badge with pride.

Tati devotes a lot of her time to making our space feel less like an office, and more like a haven. But when she’s not buzzing around the studio, you’re likely to find her in her garden, buried in a book, or bingeing The Office.