Building a Business Case
October 24, 2019
October 25, 2019
The Frontier Project
3005 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23230 (map)
Key Concepts
Learning the fundamentals of a business case
Understanding the business issue
Utilizing tools for effective and efficient research
Understanding stakeholders
Analyzing the decision-maker
Building the implementation plan
Understanding and calculating ROI
Distinguishing good from bad business cases
Presenting a business case
Making the ask
Communicating throughout project execution

A strong business case can make your stakeholders' lives a lot easier. By analyzing and evaluating risks and rewards that, left unknown and unaccounted for, would otherwise slow your stakeholders down, a business case begins to build the confidence they need to move forward. A strong business case also reveals the sound judgment, critical thinking and business acumen of the presenter, making this a must-have skill for anyone who wishes to move up in their organization.

This program will guide participants through the process of building a business case from inception to completion. The end goal is to arm participants with the essential pieces of information they need to have in order to sell their ideas within the organization and recommend the best use of their company's capital. This program is perfect for those trying to develop an ROI mindset and will help participants expand their perspectives to consider the needs of all stakeholders directly or indirectly impacted by their recommendations.

Required workshop of:
Emerging Leadership
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