Effective Communication
June 25, 2019
June 26, 2019
The Frontier Project
3005 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23230 (map)
Key Concepts
Understanding your audience and the context for communication
Communicating up, down, and sideways in your organization
Becoming a better listener
Choosing the best mode of communication for the situation
Effectively utilizing email, conference calls, PPT, and chat functions
Filtering and owning your biases and emotional reactions
Giving and receiving feedback
Understanding and diffusing conflict
Communicating difficult news

Effective communication is a hallmark of all successful businesses. However, many of us aren't comfortable (or confident) in our ability to communicate because we never learned the basics or we're fearful of the backlash that we perceive will come from speaking up. Others of us may think our way of communicating works just fine, unaware our skills could be improved.

This workshop is designed to give you a crash course in communicating using all mediums available, choosing the right medium for the right message, and connecting with and motivating your audience. In addition to the basics, we also help you with some of the trickier forms of communication, like understanding your own emotional reactions, filtering your biases, offering constructive feedback, and diffusing conflict.

Required workshop of:
Technical Leadership
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