Navigating Change
March 7, 2019
The Frontier Project
3005 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23230 (map)
Key Concepts
Understanding the tenets of change: logic, emotion, environment
Practicing mindfulness
Building resilience through personal agency
Leveraging different strengths within your network
Fighting biases that inhibit change and promote status quo
Practicing curiosity and exposure to new ideas
Identifying ways to instill rapid learning into processes and new ventures
Navigating others reactions to change

Technological change continues to outpace human adaptability, forcing us to learn faster and work smarter if we want to keep up, let alone lead, in the marketplace. Most organizations, however, are not set up to navigate this rapid, ongoing change. While the pace alone is daunting, making any change (even a positive one) can also provoke emotional reactions ranging from discomfort to stress to full-blown anxiety. In a constantly shifting, global marketplace where we are more interdependent and interconnected than ever, coping with ongoing change in a healthy, productive way is becoming an increasingly important professional skill.

While traditional change management focuses on leading one calculated initiative, today’s companies need employees that can navigate ongoing change with an agile learning mindset.  Our one-day workshop covers three tenets of change – logic, emotion, and environment – and provides practical, actionable tools that participants can utilize personally and with their teams to lead them through ambiguity and uncertainty. We also tackle how to adopt and instill an adaptable learning mindset so teams are able to ride the wave of ongoing change rather than fight it.

Required workshop of:
Leadership Essentials
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