October 8, 2019
The Frontier Project
3005 W Marshall St
Richmond, VA 23230 (map)
Key Concepts
Defining negotiation
Role-playing negotiation scenarios
Understanding complex negotiation vs. single-issue negotiation
Building constructive communication skills
Diffusing conflict
Identifying interests, creating options, developing best alternatives, and thinking through different positions
Assessing various types of power and how to gain power in each situation
Understanding your target audience
Making offers
Learning about barriers to negotiation and common tactics to overcome them
Practicing negotiating skills by utilizing complex negotiation case studies

What's the difference between influence and negotiation? Influence involves one person attempting to sway a decision or outcome. Negotiation involves two or more (typically conflicting) parties coming to the table to hammer out a solution. Done poorly, negotiation can be a contentious win-lose (or worse, a lose-lose) situation. Done well, both parties can walk away genuinely satisfied with the outcome, and that's our focus in this workshop.

By taking a principled approach to negotiation, participants learn to identify their intent for the relationship involved, as well as how to understand the other negotiator, find mutual interest, and ultimately reach agreement. We also teach how to build trust and create a constructive working environment in order to elicit important information to reach a positive outcome. Finally, through several simulations, we give participants practice so they can discover what works and what doesn't.

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